Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Laissez Le Bon Temps Roullez

Papers have all been filed and the races are on.

In Rock County;
As expected we have a three-way race for to replace outgoing sheriff Eric Runaas;
Chief Deputy Robert D. Spoden, Democrat
Janesville police officer Scott A. Wasemiller, Republican
Construction contractor and former Brodhead police officer Gary C. Keller, an Independent .

There is a three-way race for Coroner as well;
Democrat Jenifer Keach,
Republican Brad Farrell, and
Independent Melissa L. Haverley,

Running uncontested are;
Clerk Kay S. O'Connell,
Clerk of Courts Eldred Mielke,
Register of Deeds Randy Leyes, and
Treasurer Vicki Brown.

In State Assembly races;
Democratic incumbent Mike Sheridan will have a Republican challenger in Fred E. Yoss in the 44th Assembly District race. In the 31st District race Republican incumbent Steve Nass faces Democrat Scott Woods and Ben Bourdo of the Justice Party. Former Evansville Mayor Janis Ringhand will face Walter Fellows in a primary to win the right to challenge incumbent Brett Davis in our own 80th District.

Republican Dave Magnum will again attempt to oust incumbent Tammy Baldwin, the Incumbent Democrat in the 2nd Congressional District while Republican Incumbent Paul Ryan will face one of five Democrat challengers;
Jeff Thomas,
Don Hall,
Ruth SantaCruz-Bradley,
Steven Herr or
Mike Hebert.

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