Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Looking For Magic In Fitchburg

To call it a pond would be giving it a lot of credit that it doesn't deserve. There is a wet area between the restaurant and Fish Hatchery Road in Fitchburg. The restaurant is a nice one with good food and very good margaritas.

We stopped there on the way back from Grandma's 103rd birthday party and asked for a table on the deck outside. At certain times of the year the pond does add a little something to the al fresco experience but now, in early July, it's just a sluggish pool coated with the green sheen of algae that has all of Madison's water beneath it.

There were two young, blonde girls out of a group of five or so over in the corner of the deck. They were watching the traffic on the road and looking for signs of activity in the pool. All of a sudden there was high agitation. The 6 year old turned back to their table and shouted, "Mommy, Mommy. There's an otter in there!"

I have no doubt that she saw something moving in the pool. I also have no doubt that it's best to let her believe for a little while that she saw an otter in Fitchburg. Kids need to be kids for longer than we seem to let them.

Those two little girls saw magic in their world. How was your holiday weekend?

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Jose Cuervo said...

Good Food and good margarita's all at a table on a deck outside??? Sounds like summer perfection! What is the name of this paradise?