Saturday, August 12, 2006

An Apology Was In Order

The World's Only Grandchild just spent the night as she often does on Fridays.

Her Nana and I took her out for supper. She made a face when she tasted the liver but happily went back for more once she'd figured out the texture. She made a royal mess around the high chair with a mix of crackers and torn napkins.

This morning she slept late and woke smiling. She and her Grandpa played with blocks on the floor and Nana read to her. The Squirt smiled and giggled through breakfast and took a short nap late in the morning. By the time her Mother, my Daughter, came to pick her up she showed that she is just on the brink of her first steps by design. As it stands right now she can make two or three stumbles forward without holding on but they're too awkward to be called steps.

Over the course of the last few days we have all written a lot of words about the way that the two candidates for AG handled themselves on the Sykes show. Many of us have called their behavior childish or said that they behaved like babies.

After spending the last 16 hours with my granddaughter I have apologized to her for the comparison.

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