Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I Missed It- Slammer Got It

Out of the comments:

The reason the Wally Fellows yard signs are homely as a mud fence; they are the same blue and orange as Bobby Douglas' uniform. Jim McMahon wore blue and orange before green and gold, back when he was good. Mike "for cryin' out loud" Ditka wore orange and blue.

What were you thinking Mr. Fellows? Oh, my.

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slammer said...

Little off the subject but it is football season. I am not sure it holds now but in the "old" soldier field which was around for 30 years. Can you name the QB that holds the records for
-Most passing yards
- Most completions
-Most starts
-Most TD's??

It is Brett Favre and that is suprising they had Kramer, McMahon, even the ever popular Jim Harbough and Mike Tomszac starting in that time. He may still hold the overall records considering what they have had since the new soldier field