Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Carnival You Won't Believe

Updated to correct links. My apologies to Peter and Clint

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to this special tour of the Carnival of the Badger Area 51. You will find that the previous 50 carnivals have done little to prepare you for the anomalies and oddities you'll find here.

Former hosts and caretakers have often faced contributions with which they didn't know what to do. As we tour the area you will see things unbelievable and incredible but I assure you they are all true. Our first stop is at the Nation's oddest Senate campaign courtesy of Steve. I have to remind you at this time that cameras and recording devices are prohibited on this tour.

One of the persistent rumors about Area 51 is that there are spacecraft here, not of Earth origin. Well, my friends, there are spacecraft here and we think we understand the purpose of them. James has learned why these craft are being launched.

Not all of the exhibits here are of hardware. Fred has provided us with videotape of wild behavior from the other side of the World. (Warning for shocking content.) Peter looks at the origins of Moon-bats while Clint looks at choices made...or are they? You can decide for yourself after you see them. The Spring City Chronicle has brought us another strange craft that has been 50 years in the making.

Even though some of the conspiracy theories around here date back decades, Nick has a look at one of the most recent, the Single Caribou Theory of Eugene Kane. Truly, on the other hand, looks at a new technology that sucks time and attention from young lives.

In the past Jenna looked into the future that has now become the present to look into the future yet to come. She made a prediction of a race from yesterday and the effects it will have in two years. Don't wait. Read it now, before I lose track of time myself. Aaron has the story of a young woman who is willing to be locked up for what she believes in.

Patrick looks at a thing that won't go away. Dean looks at something he's finished with.

Watch your step here, folks, as we turn to the left to end our tour. Bill looks at runoff that has nothing to do with Diebold machines. If you'll look over here your humble host has the story of the man who hopes to become Nobody's Congressman But George's.

Thank you for taking this tour of Area 51. Be careful as you leave. If you're heading off to the Northeast today the Secret Service will be there to maintain order. No matter which way you're headed, travel safely and come back for the next...Carnival of the Badger.


Mike said...

You're getting too good at this. They'll volunteer you permanently if you don't watch out. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Ditto here, grumps. Fine job.

steveegg said...

I'm honored that my Emergency Blogging System got the top spot, especially with the excellent Area 51 treatment you gave it.