Tuesday, August 15, 2006

O'Reilly At The Bar

Bill O'Reilly's latest column, as usual, is a thing of wonderment. He grieves for Joe Lieberman and blames his loss to Ned Lamont on the Far left without seeming to understand that Bush has lost the Middle.
Lieberman's defeat is a dangerous sign. Even though some people believe the far
left that is currently dominating the Democratic party will ultimately lead it
to another presidential defeat, I'm not so sure.
He takes issue with those 3 in 10 misguided folks who think the war is going well.
Slightly more than a third of Americans believe the war is going well. And those
folks are wrong—the war in not going well.According to the private intelligence
firm Stratfor, an excellent source of information, Iran now controls many Shia'
militias in Iraq and is encouraging the sectarian violence that is making true
democracy impossible. As with Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Iranians are ordering up
as much violence as possible, believing the United States and Israel lack the
will to fight long term.
But in Bill's World there is always another enemy to be fought, nevermind that the last one is still doing pretty well against us.
There is no question that Iran wants to dominate the Gulf oil flow, and it
will if it the USA withdraws from Iraq, allowing Iran to become the power
behind the scenes. China, especially, is dependent on Iranian oil right now,
and if the Iranians begin to call the shots on Iraqi oil exports, Iran
increases its power dramatically. With oil as a lever, there would be no
stopping Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions.
O'Reilly shows that he can understand the lack of support for the neo-cons.
The fog that is shrouding the big global picture is the
coalition's failure to control terrorism in Iraq. There is no getting around
this; the Bush administration has not been able to get Iraq under control and
Americans are sick of the whole thing. Thus, quick fix political candidates get
traction, while the Bush people continue to look incompetent.
How does O'Reilly propose to "shake things up?"
The United States needs a new strategy to deal with this ominous threat.
Slugging it out in Iraq may be necessary, but there might be another way.
President Bush needs to level with the American people and begin putting this
country on a war footing. That means a limited draft and a major commitment to
defense. The President needs to shake things up and get people's attention.

Even though the generals in Iraq say that more troops would not generate better results, Bill O'Reilly has the hot tip. Start a whole new war to take people's minds off of this one. It worked well for a month but now we have that pesky cease-fire that's going to let Americans focus on Iraq.

O'Reilly knows that's not good for Republicans in the Fall.

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