Friday, August 11, 2006

If You Need A Reason To Vote For Jim Doyle

JJ Blonien has an opinion piece up on Wisopinion that says without Doyle we'll have to put up with a concealed carry law.

Even though those of us who call it the camel's nose have been ridiculed as alarmist, one only has to look around to see the NRA's next step. Fifteen states have passed or soon will pass "Shoot First" laws which blur the lines of what constitutes self-defense.

The central innovation in the Florida law, said Anthony J. Sebok, a professor at
Brooklyn Law School, is not its elimination of the duty to retreat, which has
been eroding nationally through judicial decisions, but in expanding the right
to shoot intruders who pose no threat to the occupant's safety.

"In effect," Professor Sebok said, "the law allows citizens to kill other citizens in defense of property."

...Many prosecutors oppose the laws, saying they are
unnecessary at best and pernicious at worst. "They're basically giving citizens
more rights to use deadly force than we give police officers, and with less
review,Â"said Paul A. Logli, president of the National District Attorneys

These laws are part of the reason that The Happiest Place On Earth is quickly becoming the deadliest.

If Blonien hasn't convinced you of the need to vote for Doyle, take a look at what Seth has found about Mark Green and his sudden silence on the issue.

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