Monday, August 07, 2006

That Explains A Lot

Richard says that GWB=Simba

He's the son of the Old King. He spends his youth engaging in singing, dancing,
revelry, carousing, and debauchery. He never holds a job that requires honest
work or produces anything of value, let alone qualifying him as a ruler.

One day his father's old advisors approach him. They say that his homeland is being
ruined by the new ruler, who is vile, conniving, and venal and whose cohorts are
a corrupt pack of treacherous hyenas. They say that only the young hero can save
the country. While this requires some unaccustomed effort ("It's hard work!"),
the final outcome is pre-ordained by destiny. Emerging triumphant from a herd of
rampaging elephants, he vanquishes all his foes.

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