Wednesday, August 02, 2006

One Quick Question

If you're voting to ask the City Planner to draft an ordinance that says, in part, that the City Planner will have more authority acting in consultation with the City Engineer, why in the world would the City Engineer not recuse himself from the vote?


Karen Aikman said...

This to me was one of those quiet little items that potentially have huge implications. You bring up one that hadn’t occurred to me and probably to the engineer either. To your point, the Mayor probably should have recused herself as well since the Planner works closely with the city administrator and mayor behind the scenes in preparing people to come before PC. In the absence of an administrator, the mayor is probably assuming more of those duties and therefore will gain quite a bit of authority as well.

I understood another point you were trying to make last night was that as it is currently, matters of planning are discussed openly for all to hear and participate in, changing it in this fashion, takes some of that out of the public view. Given all of the controversy surrounding PC in recent years, taking things out of sight -even if it is otherwise reasonable, is ill advised at this time in this atmosphere.

I think Mr. Hammann and yourself were on the right path in that Evansville is too small to warrant the Planning Commission to relinquish any of it’s power.

Anonymous said...

Who voted for or against?