Tuesday, August 15, 2006

FCC Says That America Isn't Old Enough To Hear

By all accounts Flight 93 was a well made film and an imprtant one for its time. Apparently the time is ripe for World Trade Center to treat the events of 9/11 as an American's against adversity film.

The one thing that we aren't ready for, according to our government is the true story of that day. CBS is weighing the chilling hand of censorship against the value of the actual events recorded that day. This isn't about viewpoint or Capital T Truth. This is simply showing what happened.
"It's important to take note of the event as it happened," CBS executive
producer Susan Zirinsky said. "And (the filmmakers) have done an amazing job in
staying with these guys over five years and evolving with them. You will feel at
the end that we've taken a journey again."

We live in a sad time for Liberty.

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