Thursday, August 17, 2006

It's Official!

North Prairie Productions announced yesterday that they've chosen Evansville as the site for their $42 million biodiesel plant.
A preliminary site plan will be presented at an open house for residents from 1
to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 23, at Evansville High School. Anyone interested in
learning more about biodiesel and the Evansville facility is invited to attend.

NPP is moving their offices to Evansville as well. I predict that we'll be seeing that pickup truck in front of the cafe on Main a lot more often.

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jpieterick said...

grumps -

You'll have to introduce yourself next time you see the truck outside the diner. I'd offer to spring for the coffee but, heck, if word of the offer got out I'd probably get half the regulars (No, make that ALL the regulars! I’ve seen them in action!) at the front table introducing themselves to me saying "Hi! I'm Grumps!" next time I visit. How would I know the difference, after all, and one can only imagine the devious ploys they might engage in pursuit of a free cup of coffee, eh? :O)

Keep smiling! I enjoy the blog, just as I’ve enjoyed the conversations at the diner with the impromptu “Evansville Steering Committee & Social Club” that seems to meet there every morning. I hope to see you at the Open House, and otherwise look forward to meeting you soon.

Jeff Pieterick
North Prairie Productions, LLC