Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Asking All The Wrong Questions

It looks as if the three young men arrested Up Nort' for buying too many cells phones and having pictures of The Million Dollar View on their camera will soon be released. Now that the FBI is involved the Ties To Terra seem to be dissolving.

From Dean:

"[The mother-in-law of one of the men said] the men purchased cellphones from
other places in the country, then sold them to dealers on Harry Hines Boulevard
[in Dallas]."'They are nice people,' said the owner of one shop, Wireless Way,
who declined to give his name, saying that he did not want to get

'They sold to me, they sold to a lot of people. It's legitimate,
yes,' the man said. He said he thinks the men were arrested because they are
Arab."'White Americans, real white Americans, are selling [phones] to me [also].
They're not getting in trouble,' the owner said.

"Sean Mobh, manager of Wireless Wholesale, also on Harry Hines Boulevard, said business has been growing for about three years. Pre-paid cellphones are purchased in other parts of the country, where supplies are plentiful and demand is low, and then sold for a profit in places where there is a higher demand, including Dallas, Miami, New York and parts of California.

The question that I haven't seen asked is, "Why is there a high demand for untrackable cell phones near port cities?"

Why would more people want to quickly access communication that can't be traced near the border? Hmmm. Sounds like a job for JBvH.

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Dean said...

Go, JB! OK, I'm kidding, but I don't want to downplay it either. It appears the authorities are in no hurry to release them.

And if they're selling them for a profit, are they raising money? Who knows?

I figure JB knows something, but obviously disclosing that fact has put him in a hard place.