Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Crux Of The Biscuit

From TPM

Is there anyone in the country who can say honestly, in their heart of hearts,
that when that moment of fear hit them after the recent reports out of London,
they said to themselves, "God, I'm glad we're in Iraq"?



slammer said...

Who can say that after we learned of surveillance was used to capture these prisioners said to themselves "thank god Feingold is not President" - I did

Anonymous said...

Umm - I did.

Mark Schnepper said...

Why is that? What surveillance? They were turned in by citizens who fealt their behaviro was strange and they went to the local authorities. And surprise, surprise they person who turned them in was Muslim. Someone some would like to call an islamofascist.

Mark Schnepper said...


To clarify my above thought, there was actually much surveillance, however they key is that it was after a civilian report and it was done with warrants.

"The Security Service has a licence to 'bug and burgle' but only with the approval of the Home Secretary in order that any evidence obtained can later be used in court. "

Full Story at:

That's all Feingold is asking for Warrants, the same as the MI5 used in Britain.

FISA works, over the years apparantly only 5 of approximately 18,000 requests have been denied. What is wrong with going through the system of checks and balances that is already in place?