Friday, August 11, 2006

JBvH Apologizes

JB van Hollen apologizes for his behavior and language in this post from JB For AG. I've copied it in its entirety for your enjoyment.

A word about the latest debate...

Despite any assertions to the contrary, Paul Bucher and I have appeared at the same venue, before voters, more than 60 times this year, we’ve even debated twice this week and have nearly a half dozen more debates set up in the closing month.I welcome the opportunity to compare our visions, our track records, our plans, our campaigns.

I'll admit the debate today was quite heated, and I should have done a better job of keeping my composure.

After Paul continued to conduct himself in, let's just say an incredibly annimated manner...interrupting, talking over me and the host, raising his voice, etc, I told him, off the air, that I thought his behavior and style ‘sucked.’

The voters deserve an honest debate on the issues that matter and I regret that I lowered myself to this level with my language choice.

I regret it and apologize.

It is vitally important that Republicans come together to defeat the Democrat candidate this fall. Exchanges like today could be good for the party. However, my opponent continues to distort my record in an attempt to build himself up. Voters deserve better.

The voters deserve better than what they've put up with for 16 years at the Department of Justice and, quite frankly, Republican voters deserve better than the name calling both candidates engaged in today.

I believe our campaign is proving to be the one with the organization, resources and plan to win and lead the Department of Justice. in Novermber.

We'll continue to keep our focus on the 16 years of Democrat mismanagement of that office and how we intend on righting that ship.



Walton said...

Heh - I half expected a "PS: He really does suck though."

Anonymous said...

That p.s. is there, between the lines -- i.e., lowering himself to the level of Bucher. So when Bucher reread it and saw that, he retracted his acceptance of J.B.'s apology. That's according to the story in the Journal Sentinel Daywatch.

We can hardly wait for the next twist in all this!