Sunday, August 06, 2006

Scary Times

Even in the emotional days following September 11, 2001 we didn't see the virulent genocidal bloodlust that is becoming more prevelant every day now. As emotions rage out of control in Baghdad, Beirut, Mumbai and Haifa we are seeing the right wing in America calling for the annihilation of races and religions.

The overeaction is terrifying. The story of one incident in Seattle is telling. Naveed Haq went on a shooting rampage in a Jewish Center last Saturday. Early reports said that
... in the midst of his shooting spree in Seattle Friday, he declared himself an
angry Muslim.
But it is probably incorrect to blame his religion for his actions. Haq had been baptized as a Christian and had been attending services at a Seattle area church. We would be just as incorrect to blame Christianity for his failings as to blame Islam. Haq was a deeply troubled American.
Acquaintances said he never seemed the fanatic religious extremist he played out
on Friday. Instead some think his anger was really directed at problems in his
personal and professional life.
"Naveed had the profile of the guy who just couldn't get things together," said Erik Neilsen, a Richland resident who let Haq live with him for three months in 2004. He said he thinks several problems compounded for Haq, and he just exploded.
"I wish I could have done something about it. I look back in retrospect and say 'Is there anything I could have done.'"

Peter is right. The story has been poorly reported. The mental breakdown of a troubled man is being reported by the Malkinistas as a symptom of class war. This kind of inflammatory rhetoric makes America less safe as it distracts from the threats that are out there.

While we're chasing phantoms we aren't protecting ourselves from terror. We are perpetuating it.