Thursday, August 24, 2006

Some Still Support War In Iraq

The Undercover Trucker has a list of ten things less popular than the misbegotten War in Iraq.

#3? Used Band-Aids in the salad bar lettuce

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Funk Jones said...

I support the war. Here are my reasons.

Funk Jones

Mark Schnepper said...

I am not sure I understand/agree with your numbers. Some estimates show the death of 130,000 Iraqi's since March of 2003. Are you saying Saddam was killing 130,000 Iraqi's per year?
Or are you saying estimates such as 130,000 are grossly inflated? How many deaths per year are you suggesting Saddam was responsible for?

I am not saying I am pro Saddam. He obviously was a bad guy, but when we have created chaos that results in the deaths of innocent civilians as well as U.S. soldiers, you have to question how this is better than Saddam's atrocities. The violence continues to grow and it seems innocent civilians are more likely to lose their lives now than they were pre-invasion. We have been there 3 years. When will the violence come under control?

If our military policy is based in morality, how come we aren't more involved in stopping the genocide that is occuring in Darfur, Sudan?