Friday, August 04, 2006

Court Says "You Picked Him. You Run Him"

Texas Republicans say they don't want him anymore but the judge says that Tom Delay has to stay on the ballot because of the way he tried to manipulate one last election.
Texas law requires candidates, when they file for office, to swear that they
will be eligible to serve on election day. If a candidate does something
completely incomparable with that promise, such as moving to another state and
voting in that state's elections, as Tom DeLay has, then Texas law permits the
Chairman of that political party to declare the candidate to be ineligible and,
thereby, to require the candidate to reaffirm his eligibility, by stating that
he intends to return to Texas by election day, if he intends to do so.

Quote of the day from DCCC spokesperson Bill Burton:
"One way or another, Tom DeLay is going to be serving a two year term. But it's
not going to be in Congress."