Friday, August 18, 2006

Some Good News From Up Nort'

The 23rd District race made it onto Kos this week and the news is good.
Pat Kreitlow has pulled dead even with Dave Zien at 43-43 with 14%
undecided. Some notes from rhubarb: Republican incumbent Dave Zien is
a hard-working politician, as someone put it, but the problem is that he works
hard at issues no one seriously should care much about, such as concealed
weapons legislation, while neglecting health care, responsible energy policy or
well-paying jobs.
[snip]Part of it is, no doubt, the feeling of realignment we are all sensing. And part of it is that Zien is, frankly, a time waster. There isn't much there behind his Easy Rider brand, except, perhaps, a greedy maw, gobbling corporate donations. Or a candidate with all the self control of an Irish setter, slavering to "pull the switch" if only Wisconsin could introduce the death penalty for the first time in its state history. What next? A return to poor farms?
Two of the links from the story have been on THC for months now. Check them out.

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