Monday, August 21, 2006

In Defense Of Wingnuts

The prefered blog shorthand would hold that folks on my side of any argument are moonbats and folks on the other side are wingnuts.

Unless someone pitches into my wheelhouse I try to stay away from easy name-calling. It adds nothing to the discussion and causes the reader on the other side, the affected wingnut/moonbat, to stop listening while they form a vitriolic response (see, Jessica McBride.) I am, however, all too human and engage in the occasional hyperbole. forgive me, please.

I offer this explanation of why I don't use "wingnut" as a perjorative toward those with whom I disagree..
  1. Wingnuts are useful.
  2. Wingnuts hold things together.
  3. You only have to buy a wingnut once. The K Street Project kept buying them over and over.

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