Sunday, August 20, 2006

Is John Gard Running Against Mark Green

While Congressman Mark Green is selling wolf tickets about how bad job growth is in Wisconsin John Gard is out campaigning with Green's padrone, GWB, on a platform of how hunky-dory job growth has been in the Congressman's home district.

You don't suppose the current Congressman is prone to using a little hyperbole, do you?

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Donkey Blues said...

Good point Grumps. Considering Gard hasn't even lived in the district for many years, he really is clueless as far as jobs here. He promotes Marinette Marine as if that one single company is going to save the economy. Green is right, job growth sucks, escpecially high-paying jobs. I doubt it is the governor's fault since it is our President that is wasting billions and billions of dollars in a war that never should have happened. When you cut taxes and increase government spending, it's only natural that the economy will slump, especially when that spending is not being pumped into our economy. Fiscal conservatism? I think not!