Sunday, August 06, 2006

More Questions Than Answers

Some questions about changing the Smart Growth Plan designation of the Maas property.

  1. Have we given SG a chance to work or is 14 months too short of a time to start changing?
  2. What is the best corridor for a west-side route to SH14?
  3. Have we exhausted our options with Town of Union to find that corridor?
  4. Have we looked at our options with the Town of Union to find that corridor?
  5. Will SH 14 still be in the same corridor when we are ready to build a west-side connector?
  6. Is building more houses an optimal way to address traffic congestion?
  7. If the market stays soft and we issue one building permit per months, how long will it take to build out Westfield Meadows, Capstone Ridge and Grand Orchard Estates?
  8. What impact will changing the growth target have on the school district? The electric utility? The water department?
  9. Are the citizens of Evansville committed to the Smart Growth Plan? Is the Council? The Mayor? The, as yet unamed, City Administrator?
  10. We spent more than a year putting together a plan that has been in place for less time than it took to build it. Shouldn't we have a formal review before we start to amend it?

When the discussion over Westfield Meadows started there were voices saying, "Take the time to get it right." Those same voices asked for time to review the Regional Stormwater Plan...and Union's Smart Growth process..and Capstone Ridge.

We've seen what happens when we jump at an offer without thinking about the future. Can we just take some time to not make the same mistakes a third or fourth or fifth time?

Update: There are some more good questions in the comments. I hope that they get asked on Tuesday night. the Council meeting starts at 6:30 at City Hall.

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Anonymous said...

11. Does accelerating a plan's implementation make it better?

12. Wouldn't a pre-mature residential subdivision South of C put more pressure on the development of the land North of C?

12.5 Wouldn't the need to develop the land north of C in order to complete the connection to 14, put pressure on that land to be annexed as well to ensure the placement of the connector?

13. Do we have a good enough relationship with the town of union to trust this by-pass road need would be met satisfactorily if we did not annex and take control of the required land?

14. Is a high density neighborhood such as a TND really well suited for this location at this time?

15. Whose best interest our we looking out for by a recommendation against our SG? TND is all the rage. Are we only seeing the opportunity to get one on our resume?