Saturday, August 05, 2006

Who Wants John Gard In Washington?

Who wants the Assemblyman from Sun Prairie/DePere to represent them in Washington DC?

John Boehner does. The ethics-challenged Majority Leader from Ohio donated the maximum $10,000 to Gard's campaign.

Dennis Hastert does. The Speaker took some of the money from his land dealings and gave $10,000 to Grad.

Majority Whip Roy Blunt of Missouri does. He's given $10,000 to Gard's campaign.

The Republican leadership in Washington apparently feels that Gard will be a reliable soldier in the mold of Mark Green. they're investing their PAC money in making sure that another Borrow and Spender gets into the seat Green is vacating.

Even Gard's primary opponent says the parade of DC cash is unseemly.
"I've served in the state Legislature, and when someone maxes out to you before
you've established a track record, there's usually some kind of expectation on
those checks," Terri McCormick said.

Blunt, Hastert and Boehner are looking for someone who won't rock the boat, who will keep building deficits and continue to reward their big donors. Gard hasn't shown the stomach for reform in Madison. There's nothing in his past that makes us believe he'll grow a spine if he changes his address again.

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Donkey Blues said...

Great post! I sure hope we can convince the voters of this...