Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Let's Take A Look At The Tape To See If he Sucks Or Not

Now that some of the furor has died back from the AG showdown at Charlie's Place I'd like to look at a little longer soundbite than the now-infamous, "You suck."

What JBvH said was "Will you ever listen? That's why you suck, Paul, because you only listen to people who agree with you." It was a fairly specific charge, one that has been heard before. "Where?" you ask.

At McBride's Media Matters on March 13 Bucher's wife, a local celebrity of sorts, said this of her husband,
Whenever someone criticizes my husband Paul and it's a person or entity that he
doesn't respect - say, the Capital Times, for example - he laughs and says, "Who
cares? It's like getting lectured by an inmate in the jail." In fact, he's told
me that before when someone of that ilk criticizes me. "Toughen up! Do I get
upset when I get criticized by inmates in the jail?"

Bucher doesn't care what you think if you disagree with him. He may have the personality to be a fine prosecutor. I don't know. But, it's becoming increasingly clear that those closest to him don't think he's open-minded enough to be a good boss and administrator for the state.


slammer said...

Here is the the crybaby org chart

Howard Dean
Paul Bucher
Fred Juergens

As far as Bucher goes, if for some reason he wins the primary, I will be a no vote come November. I think a lot of Repubs will be.

On the Dem side I am suprised that it has not got as ugly as I though but we do have a few more weeks

slammer said...

To clarify the org charts reps National to local. I guess we get them on every level.