Sunday, August 20, 2006

Scorn Storm Rising

Owen posted a fairly moderate piece about Paul Bucher's campaign modifying their ad to remove the name of a slain DOJ agent after the agent's family requested the change. He then made a rather startling leap when he compared that ad to the Doyle stem cell ad made with the consent, cooperation and approval of Jody Montgomery's family.

All of that aside however, the wife of Paul Bucher teed off on Owen in a truly stunning display of hyperreaction and shrill keening. For the umpteenth time Boots and Sabers is off the McBride Replicating Blogroll (She says. He was still there this morning.) Ms Bucher's screed raises overreacting (and overacting) to a new level.

This one is getting fun to watch.

On a related note: Little Miss "Whallah" takes Muskego to task for their principals.

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James Wigderson said...

Unfortunately, I think it was a case of tension building for some time with the bucket getting dumped on the last post rather than the last post having anything really to do with it.