Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Around The Block At Five In The Morning

One quick lap of the Cheddarsphere before I have to go to work.

Nathan wonders who wants to declaw the IRS.

The Brawler concedes a point to Mark Green.

DY looks at When Bunnies Attack.

Dave Diamond shows off Mark Green's sense of humor.

Over at folkbum's Place krshorewood is looking for positive examples from the Bush Presidency. Can you think of one?

Elliott reminds us about the Carnival of the Badger deadline tonight.

Seth shows us that Green's campaign keeps moving further out of focus the longer we look at it.

Jef looks at folks who are just carrying on traditional values.

Tim is only dreaming...we hope.

Jody writes about feeling bad on the job.

Richard shares a fool-proof plan but expresses no confidence in the current crop of fools.

Kate shows us the power of a woman scorned. h/t to Aaron.

James is crying in our collective beer.

Nick has the skinny on Additive Annoyances.

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